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Exclusive interview

So tell us about yourself ? ...

“Hey, I’m Donna Bell, I’m the CEO of Lash Amore ltd”,  I’m an Eyelash specialist with 12 years industry knowledge and expierence”.

“I teach by day and lash by night”. I mean how can you teach a skill you don’t actually do”.

Why are you in the beauty industry?  

“So it first started when I become a single mum of two young children. I had many jobs, all of which just paid the bills. I thought hmmm, I can do better here let’s learn some skills, I’ll learn lashes (an many other skills, that I didn’t really take too).

How did you get into teaching ?

Well I knew I was good at what I done, but it was my friend Wilma Dunn who saw further potential in me and pushed me into this role. I didn’t think I would be good enough cos I don’t speak with a plum. (thought I was too common) turns out I’m amazing at what I do and can interact really well with my students, which isn’t easy it has to come naturally.

No one wants a FAKE trainer, who’s there for the pay packet

What do you enjoy about teaching ?

I love to share my passion and skills with others, developing them into successful specialist like myself.   

Who inspires you?

Honestly? Don’t laugh!  My daughters.

I am a single mum too two beautiful, caring girls who inspire me to be the best I can be which is honestly the most amazing feeling. They are My little sidekicks that always encourage me to do more, (they’ve even asked me to go on dragons den, haha ....) they watch me work hard and never complain, offer to help. So when you receive a package just bare a little thought that their little fingers helped there.   

If this wasn’t your job, what would you be ?

Hehehe.. well I love this Job and can’t imagine doing anything else... however if I had to choose, I’d be an eco warrior an go to the beach and collect all the litter to stop the marine life suffering.

What does Lash Amore mean to you ?

This is my baby like my two girls, it’s what makes our family. It allows me to meet amazing people along the way.

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